Rotisserie Chickens

Pretty Rotisserie Chicken

Crispy skin and juicy meat…that sort of thing can make a man happy.

What made me really happy was watching this bird spin while it cooked on a rotisserie.

I like to use low indirect heat when I spin chickens.  This bird was gilled on an old Weber gas grill.  I had the front two burners turned off and the back burner was set to medium.  This bird took about two hours to finish.  Those were two very nice hours.

I think the most important trick for a great rotisserie chicken is taking the time to truss the bird so it doesn’t flop around all over the spit.

I just used salt and pepper to season the chicken. Sometime I stuff onions and celery into the cavity but skipped it on this cook.  I don’t think I noticed much of a difference.




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