Pulled Pork on the Kettle

I had two pork butts on my 22.5 inch kettle for this cook.  The butts had been injected with apple juice and rubbed with a sweet and salty homemade concoction.
Pulled PorkThe kettle ran a little hotter than I wanted, about 300F at the dome, but the pork didn’t seem to mind.  The butts were sitting off to the side and I rotated them every 30-45 minutes to keep the cooking even.

The nice thing about the grill running hot was that the butts were finished in about eight hours.  These guys git four hours of hickory smoke and then went into the foil for another four hours.

Look at that pretty bone sticking out.  It was just begging to be twisted on out of there which is exactly what happened with very little resistance.

pork boneThese butts had wonderful bark and were incredibly juicy.  It is amazing how well the simple Weber 22.5 inch kettles perform as smokers.  I haven’t used my 18.5 inch WSM in about four years.  Why would you break out the bullet when you can smoke just as well on a little old kettle?




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