Hot and Fast Pork Butt

IMG_5872I was wandering through the grocery and found this beautiful inch and a half thick slab of pork that had been cut from a Boston butt.  It made me happy just to see the thing and I knew I had to grill it. 

The pork got a nice dose of salt and then a little bit latter was rubbed with black pepper and chili powder.

IMG_5776I grilled this guy with indirect medium heat on my Weber gasser for an hour with a few chuncks of hickory located on top of the Flavorizer bars for some gentle smoke.


IMG_5860After an hour the pork was wrapped in foil with some Stubb’s barbecue sauce and grilled for another hour.

IMG_5861The sauce is okay..probably wont buy again.

IMG_5864After two hours a fork slid through that butt like butter and it was fall apart succulent.  I went a little heavy on the black pepper so the taste wasn’t a perfect 10; I will call it a 7 which was still enough to make me happy.




2 thoughts on “Hot and Fast Pork Butt

  1. Interesting. Somewhere between country style ribs and a pork butt. Was it shreddable. I picked up a very similar cut the other week, but I ground it up, added it to some venison and made breakfast sausage.


    • You nailed it…a cross between a butt and a CSR! It was shreddable but I served it in bite sized melt-in-your-mouth chunks.

      You get the flavor and texture of the butt with a MUCH shorter cooking time.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!!


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