A Little Twist for Sausage Gravy

Sausage Gravy

The stars aligned the other day and I ended up with a little twist on my sausage gravy routine that I really enjoyed.  Instead of toast or a biscuit I ladled a pile of sausage gravy on top of some toasted English muffins.  It was awesome!

I had some guests in town that loved English muffins..they went grocery shopping…we went grocery shopping…we didn’t exchange shopping lists so everyone bought plenty of muffins…I think we had six packages between us.  What the heck was I going to do with that many English muffins??

A few days later I was reading a very cool article that featured burger maestro and Iron Chef, Michael Symon.  He was talking about interesting bun choices for burgers and one of his favorites was toasted English muffins.  All of the nooks and crannies were perfect for soaking up the burger juices while still staying crispy.

And then the thought hit me…if the nooks and crannies were nice for burgers they would be awesome for holding tons of sausage gravy.

I was an inspired decision.  The muffins were crispy and crunchy and held a ton of delicious gravy with every bite.  I love it when worlds collide.  It makes me happy.




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