Peached Glazed Country Style Ribs

Peach glazed country style ribs are one of my favorite things to make on the grill. They make me happy.

IMG_5969I start by dusting the country style ribs with a nicely balanced dry rub. I used The Squeal from Kansas City Cow Town but salt and pepper works just fine.
IMG_5955I smoke these with indirect high heat (about 375F at the dome of the kettle) with hickory for an hour. Here is what they looked like through the cook.

After 30 Minutes
After 30 Minutes
One Hour
One Hour

After an hour I melt some peach preserves in the microwave for the glaze. I used Smucker’s Preserves just because I like the jar.

IMG_5967Brush both sides of the pork with the melted preserves and let them cook another 30 minutes.
Tender, smoky, sweety peachy goodness.IMG_5980

Life is good.


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