Tomahawk Ribeye

My wife and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary last weekend. We decided that we needed to grill up some nice steaks and make some twice baked potatoes to go along with them. My wife picked up some nice looking filet mignon and I threw in a nice tomahawk ribeye.

IMG_6112The steaks were dry brined (the filets overnight, the ribeye for a few hours) then hit with some black pepper and thrown on the grill. These were some beautiful pieces of meat so I was using an equally beautiful grill, the Weber Genesis S 330. The Sear Station on this grill is custom designed for bringing out the best in steaks like these.

The steaks were seared for three minutes per side on the Sear Station then moved to indirect heat for 15-20 minutes. The steaks got pulled at 135F internal for a perfect Medium Rare.

One thing I learned during this cook is that it is incredibly hard to get a picture of a tomahawk ribeye that does it any justice. This is the best picture I have of the finished steak but I swear it looked twenty times better in person.

We had more than we could finish that night which was fine with me. That meant I could slice up the rest on Sunday for some pretty glorious steak sandwiches.IMG_6124

Steak sandwiches make me happy.



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