Grilling Tomatoes

IMG_0028I read a great post on Building a Better BLT and decided I had to try my hand at grilling some tomatoes.  The family was very glad I gave this a try.

I started with some regular old grocery store tomatoes, sliced them up, brushed with olive oil and hit them with salt and pepper.

IMG_0025I added a slice of Muenster cheese and grilled these over direct heat for about 5-10 minutes.  I was using a GrillGrate panel which really makes direct heat grilling easy.

IMG_0026They turned out beautiful and really concentrated the tomato flavor.  This one went onto a steak sandwich.  I am eating a lot of those these days 🙂

IMG_0052I grilled up another batch without cheese.  I was very surprised that I could put grill marks on a tomato! 

IMG_0059I am very glad to have this trick in my grilling arsenal.  It makes me happy to learn new things.



5 thoughts on “Grilling Tomatoes

    • Very welcome! Thanks for the idea!

      GrillGrates have really transformed how I approach direct heat grilling on a charcoal grill. The grill marks are fun but the awesome part is that flare-ups are almost completely eliminated. In my opinion they are absolutely worth the investment.


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