The Texas Jalapeno Burger

Whenever I start missing Texas I grill some of these amazing burgers.  They make me happy!

IMG_0236I start with a half pound of loosely packed ground chuck that has been aggressively seasoned with salt and pepper.

IMG_0225These are big patties and I cook them slow with direct Medium heat and GrillGrate panels.  They get flipped after 10 minutes.

IMG_0229The burgers get topped with pickled jalapeno slices, Sweet Baby Ray bbq sauce and a slice of Gouda.  Let them go for another 7-10 minutes.  I put some more bbq sauce on the bottom bun and mayo on the top. Freaking awesome!

IMG_0242There is nothing like a massive hunk of juicy beef covered in jalapenos and bbq sauce.  It will make you smile.



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