The Dizzy Duck

I decided to push my comfort zone the other day and try grilling some duck.  It was an interesting experiment.  Not perfect but glad I threw this guy on the grill.

IMG_0292I called this my Dizzy Duck since it was spun for a little over an hour and a half on a Weber gas rotisserie.  I wish the pictures were was getting dark, duck grease everywhere, hungry family…you know, the standard excuses.

The preparation was pretty simple.  The duck was seasoned with salt and pepper, tightly trussed and secured on a rotisserie spit.  I placed a drip pan half filled with water under the bird.  You need the drip pan to deal with all of teh fat that renders.  You need the water in the pan to help keep the fat from scorching and stinking up the joint.

IMG_0276I was using my old Weber gasser and had the front and back burners on Medium with the middle burner off.  Here is what the little fella looked like as he crisped up.

After One Hour
After One Hour

And a little further along…

At 90 minutes
At 90 minutes

I was a little up in the air as to when to take the grill.  Some folks say to cook all poultry to 170F while others say to cook duck Medium Rare and pull around 135F.  I played it on the safe side and went with 170F.

The duck turned out okay, not great.  The flavor was a nice change from chicken and it was a lot of fun to try something new.  Anyone have a great grilled duck recipe I should try?



3 thoughts on “The Dizzy Duck

  1. […] Rotisserie grilling is about way more than roasted chickens.  I am a huge fan of using my rotisserie for pork.  Pork loins are great on rotisseries as are pork roasts.  Heck, I have even used my rotisserie to make pulled pork from a Boston butt.  If you want to get some more ideas on what all you can do with a rotisserie then head over to and have fun looking around.  If you do decide to stick with poultry then why not get a little adventurous and try your hand at rotisserie grilled duck! […]


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