The Great Ribeye Adventure

I found a monster bone-in ribeye roast at the store and knew it had to go on my Weber kettle.


The steak weighed in at 3.5 pounds.  I took the time to salt it overnight so it would be tender and seasoned throughout.


Before the steak went on the grill I rinsed off the surface to get rid of excess salt, patted dry and then seasoned with some black pepper.

The steak was cooked with indirect heat with a little hickory for smoke.  After an hour I used some GrillGrates to lay down some grill marks.  Grill marks make me happy.


After 90 minutes the steak hit 135F and the potato wedges were tender.  Time to eat!  My timing was off…by the time the steak was done it was getting dark outside…this is the only decent “finished” picture I could grab in the dying light.


What a beast!  It was delicious….steak makes me happy.



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