Deep Dish Pizza with a Weber Griddle

I got a new toy to play with; a Weber griddle.  It makes me happy.


I cheated on this deep dish pizza and went as simple as possible.  I bought the crust and didn’t bother making the sauce from scratch.  It was still delicious 🙂


Stretch out the dough to fill the pan.

IMG_1106Put down a layer of mozzarella cheese to protect the crust.

IMG_1112 Add the browned Italian sausage and marinara sauce.

IMG_1114Sprinkle a little more cheese across the top and pop this into a grill that is running about 400F.  I was using my Genesis Silver A and a baking stone.

IMG_1125Let the pizza bake for about 40 minutes until it gets all brown and bubbly.

Weber Griddle PizzaThe crust came out pretty nice!

IMG_1139This made for a pretty tasty pizza.

IMG_1141I know that it is nothing close to an authentic Chicago style deep dish pizza.  It was still a pretty fun way to spend an afternoon.



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