Smoked Pork Chops

I found some beautiful thick cut pork chops the other day and decided to slow cook them on my little Genesis Silver.  The end product was delicious but didn’t hold a candle to smoked pork chops slow cooked with charcoal.  That’s okay, these still made me happy.

Sliced Smoked Pork ChopI started with a couple of bone in chops that weighed a pound each.  They were brined overnight then rinsed and dusted with a little pepper and paprika.

I had the Genesis running with both burners on Low and a couple foil pouches of wood chips placed directly on the Flavorizer bars.

IMG_1316Even with both burners on Low the grill was running about 325F which cooked the chops pretty fast.  This is what they looked like after 30 minutes.

IMG_1324Real pretty with a nice little bit of char but they didn’t have enough time to take up a deep smoke flavor.  The pork chops had an internal temperature of about 135F at this point so I hit them with a little sweet bbq sauce and let them finish grilling.

IMG_1329A few minutes later and the smoked pork chops had hit 145F and I pulled them off the grill.

Smoked Pork ChopsNot my greatest work ever done but still a pretty tasty treat!  I like days like this.



8 thoughts on “Smoked Pork Chops

    • Andy, thanks for stopping by!

      I have almost completely moved over towards “dry brining” which is just a funky way of saying “salted”. I salt my pork and beef heavily and let them rest in the fridge for a day. I rinse the meat off the next day and it is ready for the smoker or grill. Stays super juicy. These chops got a teaspoon of salt on each side.

      I have found I get just as nice of a result doing this as when I used liquid brines. Salting is much simpler and I am not tempted to “get off in the weeds” with crazy brine recipes.

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