The Weber Grill Collection Keeps Growing

I have to stop looking through Craigslist.

I really, really have to stop looking through Craigslist.

So, I was looking through Craigslist and saw a Weber Genesis Gold C being sold for $20.  This is a big three burner classic with an extended cart and side burner.  I didn’t have this model.  I bought it.

Weber Genesis Gold Badge

The burner tubes, ignition and grill grates were shot.  I spent $140 on parts, swapped everything out then discovered that the gas valve stems in the manifold were seized up.  I am making progress getting them moving again with the help of Liquid Wrench and a pair of channel locks.

Here is what the whole Weber collection looks like these days.

My Weber Grill Collection

I have a few other non-Webers in the garage but these are the grills I love the most.  They make me happy.

Craigslist keeps sucking me in but I just can’t stop looking.  I am certain that I will eventually score the Holy Grail of Weber grills, the Weber Ranch kettle, if I am persistent enough.  The Weber Ranch kettle is Weber’s largest charcoal grill.  It has a 37 inch diameter and costs $1200 brand new.  The Ranch is simply glorious.

I keep hoping that I will find a used Ranch kettle listed in Craigslist for $300.

It doesn’t hurt to dream.



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