Ducane Grill Parts and Learning Restraint

I stayed away from Craigslist all week but still managed to come inches away from bringing home another grill to rescue.  I was driving around the neighborhood and saw someone had put a piece of grill history down by the curb.  This is a classic Ducane gas grill made sometime prior to 2001.

Ducane grill

At one time Ducane was a head to head competitor to Weber grills.  Ducane prided themselves on the quality of their grills and used the tagline “Buy your last grill first” in their marketing campaigns.

Ducane Grill Badge

You could register your grill with Ducane and buy a lifetime warranty on all parts.  These were very sweet grills back in the day! You can date this Ducane grill by the zip code on the front. The 29817 zip is for Blackville, South Carolina.  This manufacturing center was shut down in 2001 when Ducane opened a new manufacturing facility in Barnwell, South Carolina.

Ducane Grill from Blackville

I was really torn about this grill.  It had a nice “tri-level” grilling system.

TriLevel Ducane Grill

It had also been set up for a rotisserie attachment at one time in its life.

Ducane Grill Parts

But when push came to shove the internals were too far gone to be worth the investment.

Rusted Ducane Grill Parts

Even if the original owner had bought a lifetime warranty for the grill it wouldn’t be any help.  Ducane went bankrupt in 2003.  Weber bought Ducane’s assets out of bankruptcy for a little over $13 million.  Weber did not purchase any of Ducane’s liabilities.  This made all lifetime warranties on Ducane grills rather worthless.

I did a little researching and Ducane grill parts for these older models are getting really hard to find.  Ducane grill parts are readily available for the grills manufactured after Weber took things over (Ducane Meridian, Ducane Affinity).  To be honest I was feeling a bit too lazy to even track down the model number for this grill (Ducane had over 70 models in production).

Given the Ducane/Weber relationship I have been wanting to add a Ducane grill to my fleet.

I am happy to say that I have learned a little restraint and won’t be adding this one today.  The parts are too hard to track down and expensive on top of that.

Someday, Ducane.  Someday.



5 thoughts on “Ducane Grill Parts and Learning Restraint

  1. Our Ducane grill’s fire grate finally caved in after many years of service. Feels like a family member died…
    After a short grieving period my wife is already eyeing our new stainless steel “baby” though.
    Circle of life…

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