Weber Marinades: A Mixed Bag

I spent some time last weekend playing around with some Weber marinades. The packaging looked pretty sharp and I like the Weber dry rubs so I figured these might be worth a try.

Weber MarinadesI used the Black Peppercorn marinade with some flank steak. There was plenty of peppercorn and onion in there; looked impressive on the steak.
IMG_2143I used the Chipotle marinade on some boneless, skinless chicken breasts. It had a real nice color.
IMG_2141Both meats were marinated for four hours in the refrigerator.

I thought everything looked pretty when it was time to hit the grill. By the way, I love my Weber tongs! They are one of the nicest Weber grill accessories I have come across.
Weber Grill AccessoriesI grilled everything up over direct heat.
IMG_2150Nice grill marks on the chicken!
IMG_2152And a pretty nice looking steak as well!
The verdict on the marinades was mixed. I liked the spiciness of the Black Peppercorn on the steak. Great combination.

The Chipotle left me flat. I grilled the chicken to 160F but it was still on the dry side. The marinade hadn’t really done anything to help make the chicken juicy. The flavor was okay but nothing really special.

All told it was a nice day at the grill. Days like that make me happy.

I hope you are gearing up for a great Easter with your family.



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