Patrons of the Pit Inspired Pecan Smoked Spare Ribs

I saw some beautiful pecan smoked baby back ribs from Patrons of the Pit the other day and knew I had to do some of them myself.

I was working with Pecan chips, my “in progress” rib rub and a slab of spares.

IMG_2164I was using my Weber kettle set up for indirect heat.

Dry Rubbed RibsI didn’t foil these ribs..just slow smoked for five hours….they were looking nice and pulling back from the bone.

Dry Rub Ribs on the grillEven the back of the bones were looking pretty nice!

Bone Side of Dry Rubbed RibsI tore into these right off the pit..ended up burning my mouth a little 🙂

Finished Dry Rubbed RibsThese ribs made me happy.

My rib rub still needs tweaking; it was bit on the salty side of things but the heat was spot on.  Since I am not 100% happy with my recipe here is a link to three great dry rub for

Thanks to the Patrons for inspiring me to get outside and fire up my pit!



3 thoughts on “Patrons of the Pit Inspired Pecan Smoked Spare Ribs

  1. Well that looks like some fine eating to me! Man, that’s the stuff! Nice work. The bark on that baby looks particularly wonderful, I must say. I would eat that happily.

    Thanks for the shout out, too. It’s nice to feel the love. Appreciate it.

    Carry on Pit Master!

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