Dauphin Island Barbecue

We just got back from a small vacation at a hidden Gulf Coast gem, Dauphin Island, Alabama.  This sleepy little town of 1200 folks bills itself as the Sunset Capitol of Alabama.  No arguments from me on that one.


Hanging out on the beach made me plenty happy.  You can also visit historic Fort Gaines (Damn the torpedoes!  Full speed ahead!) which is way cool. By the way, this is what my son’s head looks like shoved into a cannon.

IMG_2203There is also a public aquarium/Estuary with gators and stingrays.

IMG_2219And you can do a little fishing from the various piers.

IMG_2211Another little place that made me happy on the island was a little bbq joint with a big pink pig out front.

Dauphin Island BBQWe tried the ribs and chicken.  They were okay..edible..heavy on the sauce…glad to have found the place.

IMG_2189IMG_2190I have had much better bbq elsewhere but it still made me happy to have something approaching comfort food available.

What I loved the most was making my daughter take a Selfie with the back end of the pig.  I am not allowed to post that picture online.  Instead, just imagine your favorite teenage girl standing next to this and waving 🙂



3 thoughts on “Dauphin Island Barbecue

  1. Definitely sounds like a neat little vacation spot! And I have found that those place that go way too heavy on the sauce, are usually doing it to cover up sub-par tasting meat. At least it was edible.


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