Feeding the Fire and Smelling the Smoke

There are some days when the only thing I want to do is fire up some charcoal and put some smoke on hunks of meat.  Yesterday was a day like that.  I wasn’t very hungry.  I didn’t have a craving for barbecue.  I just wanted to play with fire and smoke.  It made me happy.

I figured as long as I had a grill running it would be silly to not put something on it.  I went with some country style ribs.


Smoked low and slow for a few hours then flipped and drizzled with honey for a little sweet shine.


I think I could eat these every day and not get tired of them.


I took the bones out of a few of these and gave my pups a little treat.  They look so excited when I have my grills going…have to spoil them a little every now and then 🙂


There are probably better ways of spending an afternoon than feeding a fire and smelling smoke.  If there are I haven’t come across them yet.



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