Repairing Grills and Escaping the Rat Race

Have you ever wanted to get off the hamster wheel and start doing something you love for a living? too.

I am tired of dealing with corporate layoffs, two hour commutes and mind numbing meetings.

It’s time for a change. The thought of change makes me happy.

One of the things I love is fixing up old Weber grills.

I buy used and beat up Weber grills off of Craigslist. I replace the burner tubes, Flavorizer bars, grill grates and ignition systems.

The grills get sold as refurbished grills on Craigslist.

I lose between $25-$50 per project 🙂

The money isn’t the important part about these rehab projects. I just hate the idea of beautiful grills ending up in landfills.

The hardest thing about fixing up old Weber grills is finding the right replacement parts.

Parts for a Weber Genesis C made in 2001 do not fit a Weber Genesis C made in 2002.

Flavorizer bars being sold at Home Depot and Lowes do not fit in Weber grills made 10 years ago. That is a problem for grills that will last 20 years.

The list of part finding headaches is massive.

I have created what I believe to be the most comprehensive and useful guide for finding Weber grill parts on the Internet.

The Weber grill part selection guide is the website

I studied the schematics for every Weber grill manufactured for the past 20 years and made it easy to match your Weber grill to the correct part that you need.

With any luck this site will make life simpler for some people, keep some grills out of landfills and help me create an income that isn’t tied to corporate insanity.

I am sharing this information because I need your help.

For this site to take off people need to know it exists.

Let’s work together!!

If you run a website and do some grilling or barbecuing then I would love the opportunity to sponsor some of your grill sessions.

I am not talking about mad stacks of cash here but certainly enough to pay for a couple of nice steaks!

If you have any interest in working together please either leave a comment below or drop me a line from the contact form on my About Page. I look forward to hearing from you!


Quality Grill Parts


12 thoughts on “Repairing Grills and Escaping the Rat Race

  1. I’m sorry I wish I could help, but I don’t really grill much, but I love what you’re doing. HOpefully you can make a living doing this in the very near future?


  2. Love what you are doing here, super cool. I love to grill myself. I recently got off the hamster wheel and quit my job. I’m currently building a food truck business and will have a charbroiler in my setup but one of my goals in the future is to have a smoker setup. Keep writing, I really like this blog.


  3. Great idea David! I saw the site ( and it looks really nice. I will share the link on my Facebook pages and figure out how to on my blog. I don’t have a whole lot of followers on them, but hey, every little thing helps right.


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