Smoked Meatballs

I read a great post from The Deerslayer’s Wife for goat cheese stuffed venison meatballs and knew I wanted to do something similar.  I didn’t go as exotic as goat cheese and venison.  I stuck with a standard smoked meatball stuffed with mozzarella cheese.

Smoked Meatball with Cheese

The combination of smoked meat and melted cheese made me very happy.

These smoked meatballs started with a pound of ground chuck and a pound of ground pork.

Meat for smoked meatballsI gently mixed the beef and pork then divided the meat into tablespoon sized portions.

Preparing smoked meatballsI flattened out each “future meatball” and added a little barbecue seasoning and a couple pieces of mozzarella cheese.

The meatballs got rolled back up and the outside got another shot of bbq rub.

The Weber kettle was set up with indirect heat with a few chucks of hickory for smoke.

Grill setup for smoked meatballsThe meatballs were smoked for about 30 minutes before I had to open the lid and take a peek 🙂

Smoked meatballs at 30 minutesI figured as long as I had the lid open I might as well brush the smoked meatballs with some bbq sauce.  I went with Sweet Baby Ray.

After another 15 minutes the smoked meatballs had hit an internal temperature of 160F and I took them off the grill.

Finished smoked meatballsI thought they turned out pretty nice!  Apologies for the blur on the last photo here…apparently the aroma of smoked meatballs distracted me from paying attention to focus points 🙂

Sliced smoked meatballsA note on serving:  These were amazing hot off the smoker.  After an hour of sitting around they cooled off and the cheese had re solidified. The smoked meatballs were still good but nothing like the joy they inspired when they were fresh off the pit.


10 thoughts on “Smoked Meatballs

  1. wow. best looking meatballs ever! Do you think the mozzarella was a good choice? I love the meltiness, but was wondering what a Provolone or even a smoked jack.. too redundant? The melted cheesiness is wonderful no matter what!!!


  2. These sound great! My husband David always says venison is so dry that he didn’t like to make burgers with it. This is an excellent technique that I bet would change his mind, especially the cheese!!
    Hope you had a nice 4th!! We smoked a beef brisket. Smell the blog post? 😉


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