Slow N Sear Brisket on a Weber Kettle

I like brisket.

I like new toys.

I like smoking briskets on a Weber kettle with new toys.


I’ve been looking at those Prime Grade packer briskets at Costco for months and finally broke down and brought one home.

Prime Brisket

At 12 pounds the brisket was a little on the small side.  That’s okay…it was just the right size to fit on a Weber kettle.

Brisket on a Weber kettle

I don’t usually smoke briskets on a kettle but I have been playing around with a new grill accessory called the Slow N Sear.

The Slow N Sear is a large charcoal holder with a built in water reservoir.  The setup makes smoking low and slow with a humid environment real simple.  It also helps shield large cuts like brisket from direct heat from a charcoal bed.

Slow N Sear Brisket

You can see the water reservoir in the bottom left of the picture above.  That’s the brisket after four hours.

After six hours the brisket was looking magical.


I wrapped this beauty if foil and stuck it back on the kettle.


The brisket stayed on until it hit 204F in the point.


Let it rest for a while.

Separate the point from the flat.

Slice the flat and cube the point.


I am a point man.  I let the amateurs eat the flat.


Yeah..I’ll take the Point all day long.  It makes me happy.


This was a fun little cook and the Slow N Sear worked great for me.  (FYI…here is a full length Slow N Sear Review I wrote for my grill parts site.)

Hope all of you cool cats are safe and warm.



8 thoughts on “Slow N Sear Brisket on a Weber Kettle

      • Smoke rings are all for look anyways. It’s all good. One way I’ve noticed that seems to produce heftier smoke rings is to put the meat on the pit straight from the refrigerator. Don’t let it warm up to room temp first. They say smoke rings only develop under 140 degrees internal. So, the longer your meat is under 140 and receiving smoke, the better the ring. That’s how I understand it anyhow. Who knows. Good is good regardless.

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