Chicken Thighs: Buttermilk Brined and Cedar Planked

The weather is perfect for grilling.  That makes me very happy.

After I read some great recipes from Mr Dodd few days ago I knew I had to fire up my Weber kettle and put something fun on the grill.


I started with some chicken thighs that were marinated overnight in 3 cups of buttermilk mixed with 1/3 cup of Texas Pete hot sauce.

The thighs were rinsed then dusted with a standard bbq rub.  Decided to cook them over direct heat ( single layer of fully lit charcoal) on a cedar plank that had been soaked in water for about an hour.


After about 45 minutes the thighs had taken on a kiss of smoke and were ready for some sauce.


Painted them with some Sweet Baby Ray.


Then let them cook for another 15 minutes while the sauce set.

When the thighs hit 180F they got pulled from the kettle.


Yeah..these were real nice 🙂

The skin wasn’t as tender as I wanted.  Next time I do these I will scrape the fat off the back of the skin and do that whole “bite through tender” thing.

If you are looking for some other ideas of grilling up some chicken thighs then check out these recipes from the Patrons of the Pit.



8 thoughts on “Chicken Thighs: Buttermilk Brined and Cedar Planked

  1. I’ve plank cooked numerous times, but never thought about planking thighs, or chicken for that matter. Way to climb outside of the box! Absolutely brilliant. I’ll tell you the same thing I told my wife, great looking thighs.

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