Craycort Grates: Steak Two Ways

Steak is a glorious thing.

It makes me happy that I am living in such circumstances that choosing between a Ribeye and a Porterhouse is a dilemma.

Craycort Grill Marks

I went with the Porterhouse.

Steaks have been flying off the grill recently as a way of breaking in a set of Craycort cast iron grill grates.

The Craycort cast iron grate is a nice addition to my Weber kettle.  I truly believe these grates will last a lifetime.

The Craycort grate does a nice job of providing grill marks.  It’s strange though…most of the grill marks get “washed out” when I finish the steaks by moving them to the cool side of the grill for the last few minutes of cooking.

Porterhouse Steak on Craycort Grates

That picture makes me happy.

Finished Steak

One of the nice parts about the Craycort grates is that they are modular and have different insets available.  One available insert is a cast iron griddle.

I have been using lump charcoal and getting the griddle pretty toasty.

Craycort Cast Iron Griddle

This griddle can do some searing.

Searing Steak

When you are working with cast iron this hot you have to work quick.  Two and a half minutes and then flip.

Sear and Smoke

Baste with some melted butter, wait another two and a half minutes and the steak is done.

Steak with Butter

The seared crust gives a flavor profile that is very different (in a good way!) from a traditional grilled steak.

Sliced porterhouse steak

So which way is the best way to grill a Porterhouse steak?

I asked an impartial taste tester to give me his professional opinion.

Official Taste Tester

He never really gave me a definitive answer but we had a great time experimenting together.

Other inserts available for the grate are a solid cast iron wok and a perforated cast iron vegetable wok.

Fun stuff!




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