Smoked Beef Ribs on the Kettle

I finally was able to grab some beef chuck ribs at the grocery and had a great time smoking them on the kettle.  The technique is incredibly simple and the results made me pretty happy 🙂


I started out with a 3.5 pound slab of beef ribs, removed the membrane and seasoned with a little salt and pepper.


I set up my kettle for indirect low heat and let them smoke with a little hickory.

After two hours they were looking nice!


And after five hours they had pulled way back from the bone and were fork tender!  If you are going by internal temperature the beef will be around 200 F at this point.


The beef ribs had a beautiful bark when they came off the kettle.


And they looked absolutely fabulous once they were sliced into portions.


Good eats all the way around!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


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