Pretty Awesome Brisket Dry Rub

I’ve been hitting the briskets pretty hard these days.


Life has been good and brisket makes me happy.

There hasn’t been anything remarkable about the cooks.  I have been smoking them up on my kettle and pulling them off the pit when they are probe tender.

Man I love burnt ends!


I have been playing around with a few commercial brisket rubs and think I have settled on Plowboy’s Bovine Bold.

Brisket Rub
A Pretty Nice Brisket Rub!

This stuff has won some awards on the competition circuit and is widely acknowledged as one of the best commercial brisket rubs available.

Now that I have my dry rub and general technique dialed in I am going to try playing with some brisket injections and see if I can get this thing to the next level.

I hope all of you cool cats out there are living large and having a great time on your pits!




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