Burnt But Happy Grilling!

One of the reasons I keep this blog is so I will have a place to store the pictures on my phone that I just cant stand to delete 🙂 These pictures aren’t even that great but they still made me happy enough that I wanted to keep them!


I was working on my grilled chicken wing technique.  I had coated the wings in peanut oil to help with getting a crispy skin and was using a Slow N Sear to get some serious high heat.


After about 40 minutes the skin hot gotten crispy and bubbly..just the way I wanted!  I bathed the wings in a hot wing sauce that I threw together and then closed the lid for 10 minutes to let the sauce set.

And then….


Oops 🙂

I had made up a Sriracha, Ginger and Honey Sauce and sort of forgot about the ultra high heat I was using.  And yes…honey will scorch pretty easy!

That’s alright though…the wings were crispy and delicious and I had a fine time playing with my grill.  You really can’t ask for more than that.



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