Blackstone 22 Inch Griddle: Spotted in the Wild!

I have been researching griddles for a few months and have been looking at options from Camp Chef, Blue Rhino and Blackstone.  Cooking breakfast on a griddle has made me pretty happy the few times I have tried it and I am ready to graduate to the big leagues! I have decided that Blackstone is the brand I am going to go with and now I need to figure out which size.

Blackstone 22 inch Griddle

There are a lot of reviews for the Blackstone 36, 28 and 17 inch models but not much information about the 22 inch version.  From what I can tell this model isn’t promoted very much and is sold primarily through the Home Shopping Network and Walmart.

I was finally able to put my hands on a 22 incher down at the Wal Mart in the next town over and came away with mixed feelings.

Things I Loved About the 22 Incher

The 22 incher sold by Wal Mart comes with a lid!  I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal but none of the other models have lids and you have to buy a cover or else the flat top will rust FAST.


I would probably go ahead and get a cover for this one too but the lid is a nice extra layer of protection.

I appreciate that the griddle is detachable from the stand so it can be more portable if you want to take it with you to use for tailgating, etc.  It also has dual H burners rated for 21,000 BTU/hr.


This griddle has a rear drainage system which is a major improvement over the front/side drainage on the 36 incher that has a tendency to drip grease down the leg


Things I Don’t Like About the 22 Incher

Space:  The 22 incher only has 330 square inches of griddle space which is about 40% smaller than the 470 square inches you get with the 28 inch model.  My buddy just bought a 28 inch model and says he wouldn’t want anything smaller.

Price: The 22 incher costs about $150 if you get it from Wal Mart.  It costs about the same if you buy it directly from Blackstone or the HSN but those versions do not have a lid or cart.  While the price isn’t outrageous, you can get the 28 inch model from Amazon or Wal Mart for about $10 more.  As far as “bang for your buck” is concerned it seems like the 28 incher is a better buy.


The 22 inch Blackstone griddle is a nice looking product.  If I was going to buy this I would stalk my local Wal Mart and wait to get it on clearance.  As is, I will probably try out my buddy’s 28 incher a few times and, if it is as good as I think, end up getting that one.




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