Spatchcock Chicken on a Vintage PK Grill

I got a new grill!!!!

And by a “new grill” I mean a really freaking old grill 🙂

By sheer dumb luck I came into possession of a classic piece of Americana..the magnificent Presidential Model PK Grill!

Large PK Grill

This particular grill is about 60 years old.  This grill was made sometime between 1960 and 1975 and it looks like it has at least another 20-30 years of use left in it.  Like all PK grills it is made of thick cast aluminum that will never rust.

What makes this grill special is that it is the largest PK grill ever made with a grilling surface of about 416 square inches.  This is larger than the recently introduced PK 360.

I have been playing around and learning the air/temperature control on this beauty.  One of my favorite cooks was a simple roasted chicken.

I started with a whole chicken, cut out the backbone and crushed down the keel to flatten the feller out.  The bird was injected with a LOT of creole butter injectable marinade.


I salted the skin and let the bird dry out for a few hours.  It got hit with some black pepper and then thrown on the grill!


I had the PK set up with hardwood lump charcoal on both sides of the GrillGrate panels.  I ran the grill hot and fast for about 75 minutes until the bird hit 165F in the breast.

Grilled Chicken on a PK grill

The site of that beautiful bird made me happy!!

The chicken was juicy as can be and the skin was deliciously crispy.

What I loved the most was using such a classic grill that is older than me.  There are few things that are built to last in this world but a PK grill is one of them.


Grill On, My Friends!



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