Old School Smoked Spare Ribs

I put my beautiful maroon kettle back into the grill rotation yesterday and broke her back in with a slab of spare ribs.  I love the color on this kettle and seeing her on my deck as I sit on my porch makes me happy.


I decided to go old school simple with this slab of spares.  The rub was simply salt, pepper, onion and garlic.  The kettle was burning some hickory hardwood lump with a split of cherry for smoke.


Since there wasn’t any sugar in the rub I let the kettle run hotter than I usually do when smoking meats.  I wasn’t measuring temps but I reckon it was running about 300F at the grate.

I didn’t do any foiling and didn’t mess around with sauces or glazes. I did spritz the ribs about every thirty minutes with a 5:1 mix of apple cider vinegar and Frank’s Red Hot.


After about two and a half hours the smoked ribs were beautiful, the meat had pulled back from the bone and my thermometer slid right through the meat.  Perfect.


I seriously loved the simplicity and SPEED of this cook.  The rub, smoke and spritz put plenty of great flavor into the meat and I am not going to complain about having ribs done in under three hours.

spare ribs

A simple kettle.

A simple recipe.

A beautiful day.


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