Simple Smoked Chicken Thighs

It’s been a while since I posted over hear but I wanted to let folks know that I am still thinking about them and hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

Figured that as long as I was here I would share a few photos from a super simple batch of smoked chicken thighs I did a while back.  A lot of times we make barbecue so overly complicated that it just isn’t fun any more….that is one thing I love about simple recipes.  They bring back the ease, fun and beauty of cooking and that makes me happy.

Smoked Chicken Thighs

I was in a hurry the other night but wanted to have some smoked chicken thighs.

I hadn’t planned ahead so these didn’t get brined.  I felt like relaxing so I didn’t take the time to scrape the fat from underneath the skin.  I am also trying to be more calorie conscious so I skipped the whole “butter bath” routine.

Instead I just hit these thighs with some Plowboy’s chicken rub and threw them on my pit running at around 275F.

Chicken Thighs on Smoking Pit

After about 45 minutes the skin started crisping up a little.  I knew that I wasn’t going to get the skin as crispy as I get when I fry it but I was hoping to avoid that big old piece of rubber texture that I sometimes get when I take a lazy approach like this.

Chicken Skin Getting Done

Once the chicken hit 160F it was basted with a sweet heat barbecue sauce and put back on the smoker.  After a total cook time of about 90 minutes the thighs were done and we were eating 🙂

The skin never got really crisp or tender so I went ahead and sliced it prior to eating so every bite would have some skin.  It was an odd looking presentation to be sure but nobody complained loud enough for me to hear 🙂

Sliced Chicken Thigh

These thighs wouldn’t have won any barbecue competition but they were perfect for a weeknight supper.  That is probably the more important event for most families.

Keep being awesome, folks! Peace.

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