Weber Genesis II

Weber is famous for two things:

  • Creating spectacular grills
  • Making their product line extremely confusing.

Weber continued both traditions in 2017 with the introduction of the Genesis II line of grills.

Weber Genesis II E 310

This article will walk you through the four changes in the 2017 Genesis grills that warranted Weber renaming the product line as the Genesis II.

GS4 High Performance Grilling System

All of the 2017 Genesis II grills come with the GS4 badge on the left side of the burner control panel.

GS4 Badge

So what exactly is the GS4 High Performance Grilling System?  Let’s start with the name.  GS4 is a way of representing the 4 improved Grilling System components.  Of the four improvements one is awesome and the other three are “meh”.

Here is a quick video from Weber explaining the GS4 improvements.

The video is less than 90 seconds and worth watching just to see the new burner tubes.

The four Improved components are:

The Burner Tubes:  This is the ONLY part of the GS4 that impresses me.  The burners taper down in the back in an effort to maintain a constant pressure of fuel gas in the line.  A traditional burner tubes will often have a weaker flame at the end of the tube where the gas pressure is lower.

Weber grills already have excellent heat distribution and the new burner tubes have the potential to take something excellent and make it even better.

The Infinity Ignition System: I am not going to do into the technical specifications about what makes the Infinity ignition an upgrade because, honestly, it bores me to death.  The important part is that they are supposed to work every single time and are warrantied for 10 years!

The problem is that the new ignition system has only been field tested for a few months and real world data on reliability is still hard to come by.  It is uncertain whether this new ignition is actually an improvement or not.

Redesigned Flavorizer Bars:  This is just bone headed stupid.  Weber has cut slots into the Flavorizer bars so it is easier to see the the burner flame.

This does not do anything to improve the performance of the grill and will make the already challenging job of buying replacement Flavorizer bars even more confusing.

Enhanced Grease Management System:  Are you ready for a radical new design in grease management? If so then you will be disappointed because all Weber did was lower the grease collection pan by four inches.

iGrill 3 Ready

The iGrill 3 is a cool Bluetooth enabled dual probe thermometer.  You can use one probe to monitor the temperature of your grill and the other to measure the internal temperature of your meat.

Igrill3 Ready

The problem is that the Genesis II is “iGrill 3 Ready”.  This means that it has a spot to mount the iGrill 3 but that the iGrill 3 does not actually come with the grill.  The iGrill 3 has to be purchased separately for $100.

Call me crazy but that is a little misleading.

LX Product Line

The “LX” grills are the “luxury” versions of the Genesis II grills.  According to the folks over at Wired the LX grills cost a lot more than they are worth.

When you buy a Genesis II LX you get everything on a standard Genesis II plus a side burner, enclosed lower cabinet, heavy duty stainless steel Flavorizer bars and an upgraded stainless steel cooking grate.

You also get an overpriced gimmick on the LX in the form of High Heat Burners.

The burner tubes on a regular Genesis II are rated at 12,000 BTU per hour.  On a Genesis II LX the burners are rated at 13,000 BTU per hour.  You can turn the burners on an LX to a special  “High Heat” setting and get “just a little more”.

Burner Options

2017 is the first time in over 20 years that you can get a a Genesis in a two burner configuration.

Now is the first time ever that you can get a Genesis in a four or six burner configuration.

By introducing a two burner Genesis there is now a complete overlap with Weber’s Spirit product line.

By introducing the four and six burner Genesis there is now a complete overlap with the Weber Summit product line.

This will leave many people wondering what is the difference between:

  • Weber Spirit vs Genesis
  • Weber Genesis vs Summit

We will tackle those questions in a different article.

For now you have the basic information about what is different for the Weber Genesis grills that were redesigned in 2017 and launched as the Genesis II series.

Here is the complete list of the different Genesis II grills:

  • Weber Genesis II E 210: Two burners
  • Weber Genesis II LX S 240: Two burners with a side burner and upgraded stainless componenets.
  • Weber Genesis II E 310: Three burners
  • Weber Genesis II LX S 340: Three burners with a side burner and upgraded stainless components.
  • Weber Genesis II E 410: Four burners
  • Weber Genesis II LX S 440: Four burners with a side burner and upgraded stainless components.
  • Weber Genesis II E 610: Six burners
  • Weber Genesis II LX S 640: Six burners with a side burner and upgraded stainless components.