Barbecued Butt Bites

This was an unplanned barbecue adventure that made me really happy.

Smoked Pork Butt Bites

I did a noon shopping trip on Sunday and found double packs of pork butt on sale for $0.99/pound.  I grabbed 16 pounds of pork and brought them on home.  I got the butts injected and rubbed but it was 2:00 p.m. by the time they made it on to the kettle.

Smoked Pork Butts

These guys took on some beautiful color and were smelling fantastic.

Butt Bark

To speed up the cook I double wrapped the butts in aluminum foil after they had smoked for five or six hours.  Even though I sped things up, by the time the butts were fall apart tender I was ready for bed!  Instead of pulling the pork that night let the butts cool in the spare refrigerator.

When I took the butts out of the foil the next day they looked pretty cool!  The fat and gelatin had congealed and separated.

Butt fat and Gelatin

I separated the fat and gelatin; pitched the fat in the trash and put the gelatin in a bowl.

Butt Gelatin

You can tell by the meat pulling away from the bone that this butt was super tender!


The meat would have fallen apart in my hands if it was hot.  Instead, since it was cool, I was able to slice the pork into slabs (and then into cubes).

Sliced pork buttAfter the pork was cubed I heated it up in the microwave with the gelatin.  The end result was simply spectacular!  Smokey pork bites bathed in their own juices that melted in my mouth.  Glorious!

Barbecue Butt BitesPeace.


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